Aadhar is not proof of citizenship, Justice Minister tells Lok Sabha


Aadhar is not proof of citizenship, Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju told the Lok Sabha on Friday.

Furthermore, in response to a follow-up question during Question Time, Mr. Rijiju informed the Chamber that it was difficult to cap or regulate the “exorbitant” fees charged by some lawyers in the country.

“It is difficult for the government to regulate or cap lawyers’ fees. It is true that some lawyers’ fees are so exorbitant that ordinary people cannot hire them,” he said in response to a question during Question Time.

However, Mr Rijiju said efforts were underway to encourage good lawyers to take on the cases of those in need.
voluntarily (free) or at minimal cost. “I will also launch a major campaign for everyone to obtain justice without difficulty or [by] pay high fees,” he added.

Responding to another question on judicial vacancies and their appointment process, the Minister of Justice said that the government was following a prescribed due diligence process in relation to the recommendations of the Supreme Court College, but since July 2021, By the time he took office, many of the judges had been appointed to the Supreme Court and High Courts. “Even the Chief Justice of India has said that the period has seen the fastest appointment of judges for the past decades,” Mr Rijiju said.

The response that Aadhar is not proof of citizenship was part of a written response to a question from Congressmen K. Muraleedharan, Benny Behanan, TN Prathapan and A. Chellakumar. They had asked the government for a detailed rationale for using the Aadhar as a legitimate means of authenticating citizenship, and whether it passed the proportionality test mentioned in the Supreme Court’s Puttaswamy ruling. s“Aadhar is not proof of citizenship. Therefore, the question does not arise, ”said the minister in his written response.


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