Andes Lake arson suspect charged with assault on law enforcement officer – Mitchell Republic


LAKE ANDES — A Lake Andes man accused of burning down the city’s Native American Resource Center now faces additional charges after he allegedly assaulted a corrections officer inside Charles Mix County Jail.

Donavon Sully, 27, of Lake Andes, is facing one count of assault on a law enforcement officer and one count of assault by an adult in jail after he allegedly reprimanded, spat on him and threw a cup of water on a jailer.

An affidavit of arrest indicates that on the evening of January 15, correctional officers confronted Sully in his cell after Sully covered up a surveillance camera. Officers allege that as soon as the cell door was opened, Sully began to spit and threw a cup of water in one of their faces.

The jailers asked Sully to face the wall and place his hands behind his back, but say Sully had a piece of cement in his hands and was threatening to harm himself. He was eventually handcuffed and tied into a restraint chair.

As Sully was restrained, he reportedly began threatening the jailers by shouting phrases such as “I’m going to kill you James”, “he’s a dead man, I’m going to make sure he’s dead” and “I’m going to bite your ear”.

Sully remained in the restraint chair for approximately two hours.

For the incident in the jail, Sully faces two class 6 felonies, which carries a sentence of up to four years in prison and an $8,000 fine.

In his other open case — involving the burning of the Native American Resource Center and several other Andes lake locations — he faces 37 years in prison, a $74,000 fine or both.

Sully’s criminal record includes eight criminal entries prior to the resource center fire, all of which resulted in convictions. One of his convictions included a charge of assault by an adult in prison.

His next court appearance is scheduled for February 28 at the Charles Mix County Courthouse.


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