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Bombay: The Aurangabad Lawyers Bar Association at the Bombay High Court wrote a letter to the Union Justice Ministry Kiren Rijiju, expressing concern over the high number of vacancies among HC judges in the state, as there are currently only 55 judges out of a sanctioned complement of 94.
“There are two vacancies in the Supreme Court and 381 vacancies for High Court Judges as of 01.07.2022. The situation is extremely grim and alarming, and if continued would threaten the very survival of the High Court in India It is not possible to reverse the situation unless immediate action is taken by the central government under your leadership,” the July 9 letter read.
The letter, signed by the President Nitin Choudhary and secretary of the association Suhas Urgunde, was handed over to the Union Minister during his visit to MNLU, Aurangabad, for the convening of his first batch. The bar association said: “The Bombay High Court College had recommended several names of lawyers for elevation as High Court Judges in 2021 and again in 2022. The College of the Court Supreme Court, at its meeting on 19.03.2021, approved some (10) names of advocates for elevation as Bombay High Court Judges.”
“However, no one knows what happened to the names of the recommended lawyers…The Indian government has put the matter on the back burner. As a result, 19 possible judicial appointments remain in suspended animation, in some cases for over a year. year, and in others, for several months.”
“Even after the Supreme Court Collegium approves the names, they remain pending at the executive level. All of this leads to undue delays,” he added. “The central government acts as if it is not responsible to anyone, while the College of the Supreme Court, in such a case, pleads its helplessness. In the whole process, the litigants suffer enormously,” he said. added.
The lawyers also said that “the big picture is that the delay in the administration of justice not only affects litigants but also hinders the socio-economic development of the nation”, and demanded prompt action from the minister.


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