Bartz Law Group, APC offers trustworthy employment law services in California


Bartz Law Group, APC, a solutions-oriented legal institution, provides employment law services in California.

Employment-related legal issues can sometimes become complex if not handled well. Hiring an expert lawyer would undoubtedly help in obtaining the expected results. Bartz Law Group, APC is a trusted employment law firm. The firm was established by attorney Aaron Bartz, an accomplished labor attorney with years of experience in the area of ​​employment law, handling numerous class action and representative cases. As a client-focused law firm, they only offer their services to employees who have been wronged by their employers. They are committed to providing their clients with personalized services, as it helps them to work closely with them to obtain specific details about their cases. Their areas of practice also include wage and hour, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, whistleblowers, consumer class actions involving false advertising law, consumer legal remedy law and unfair competition. .

In response to an inquiry about their services, Bartz Law Group spokesperson, APC, said: “There are various issues that can be encountered in a workplace, and often employees face issues. that can threaten their jobs, especially from their employers. . Our job at Bartz Law Group, APC is to provide you with highly effective legal representation. We understand the kind of pressure and anxiety that employees experience when dealing with legal matters against their employers. This is why we make ourselves available to accompany our clients from the beginning to the end of their file.

Bartz Law Group, APC is focused on providing its clients with exceptional legal services as they work hand-in-hand with their clients to provide them with the best results. The firm has solid experience in the field of labor law and makes sure to employ strategies that produce the expected results. With their skills and expertise in this area, they can aggressively protect the rights of their clients. They are fully capable of helping employees assert their rights in arbitration, before government agencies and in court.

According to California law, employees have the right to sue their employers for wrongful conduct. For example, employees are protected against unfair dismissal. This implies that their employers cannot fire them because of their political opinions or speech, such as whistleblowing reprisals, and the like. Those who would like know the employee laws in California may contact Bartz Law Group, APC.

The spokesperson added, “Bartz Law Group, APC offers one of the best legal services to clients. When it comes to employment law, they make sure to provide their clients with all the information they need regarding their lawsuits. This is how they make the right decisions at all points regarding their cases. With regard to the Wages and Hours Act, a minimum wage is set for employees, employees are entitled to meal and rest breaks and deserve compensation for hours and overtime. Employers must comply with these laws, as a violation of these laws would result in severe penalties. You can contact us for further advice or guidance regarding these types of legal matters. »

At Bartz Law Group, APC, they have collected several settlements for clients. These include a $16.8 million wage and hour settlement with telecommunications provider Fortune 100, a confidential $12 million settlement and a $5.5 million settlement. dollars with a national fitness chain. people who want contact a Southern California employment attorney can contact the company.

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Bartz Law Group, APC is a trusted legal institution providing effective legal representation for employment law matters. The company specializes in employee laws in california.

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