CJI Ramana meets UAE Justice Minister; Discusses issues of pending extraditions and consular access to Indian prisoners


India’s Chief Justice NV Ramana said on Thursday that he had a discussion with the UAE Justice Minister regarding pending extradition orders and consular access for Indians in prisons of the United Arab Emirates.

The CJI was speaking at the congratulatory ceremony organized by the Indian community at the Indian Cultural and Social Center in Abu Dhabi.

“Today we discussed with the UAE Minister of Justice some issues that are bothering the government. There are some 175 people whose extradition orders are pending and when the ambassador reported it , we represented him at the Department of Justice to look into this and try to expedite these extradition orders,” said CJI Ramana.

The CJI further spoke about the legislations developed by the UAE government to protect the traditional laws of Indians who came from different regions and how the government has agreed to implement them and establish more courts.

“In the family courts, we saw that laws were made by the government of the United Arab Emirates to protect the traditional laws of Indians who came from different regions. They accepted and it seems that they created courts. They said they would apply them. But there are difficulties, there are not enough interpreters. They will say that they will take care so that people who do not understand Arabic can use interpreters. The Minister promised that the problems will be solved. I appreciate the hard work and sincerity”, said the CJI.

“Both the Minister of Justice and the Chief Justice have praised the Indians here, they say they are sincere and hardworking. It has given me satisfaction. I am proud of you, and all the Indians are too. I congratulate you all”, added the CJI.

The Indian Embassy in the UAE tweeted that:

“Ambassador Sanjay Sudhir accompanied Chief Justice of India Shri NV Ramana during his meeting with HE Abdullah bin Sultan bin Awad Al Nuaimi, UAE Minister of Justice, and HE Mohd. Hamad Al Badi, President of Federal Supreme Court of the UAE This is the first ever visited by the CJI in the UAE.

In the presence of the Hon. Judge Smt. Hima Kohli and HE Justice Abdul Rahman Al Balushi, Minister of Justice of the United Arab Emirates, discussed issues concerning Indian expatriates in the United Arab Emirates and closer judicial cooperation between India and the United Arab Emirates. CJI’s historic visit will reinforce the shared vision of India and the UAE.”

Strong ties between India and the United Arab Emirates

The CJI said one of the main reasons for the close ties between the two nations is that Indians are one of the most powerful groups in the UAE.

“Nearly 3.5 million Indians live here, or 30% of the total population, Indians have contributed to the development of the UAE over the years,” he said

Justice Hima Kohli, Justice of the Supreme Court of India, was also congratulated at the event. CJI NV Ramana and Judge Hima Kohli are due to speak this week in Dubai at an international conference on arbitration in the age of globalization.

While stressing that the nature of labor and workers migrating to the UAE has changed with the growth of the service sector, CJI Ramana said that the Indian population has been completely integrated into the fabric of society.

He explained that one of the most important things about the Indian Diaspora in the UAE is their contribution to India because whenever there was any calamity or requirement for contribution, they were always there. the height.

The Gulf brothers came to help when Kerala faced floods

“I remember when Kerala faced the floods, it was our brothers and sisters in the Gulf who helped those in need. It reminds me of famous lines from a Bollywood movie ‘Mera Joota Hai Japani Yeh Patloon Englishtani Sir Pe Laal Topi Roosi Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani”‘ Cji said

Referring to the Indian community in the UAE, CJI Ramana said: “India resides in all of you, and I know that wherever you go to work, you will always think of India and hold your flag high. Your Indian values ​​of care, brotherhood must shine through. This is not the soil where you reside that dictates you or who you are but the values ​​you hold”.

He advised the Indian community not to forget their homeland or detach themselves from their roots.

“Support and promote your culture, celebrate festivals, organize and join cultural events. through these concerted efforts, you will be able to promote brotherhood among communities and maintain much-needed solidarity. Each of you represents what India is known for and what it stands for. Be good, do good, be honest, you will certainly be rewarded.” said CJI.

The CJI further suggested that an organization like the Indian Culture Center in the United Arab Emirates could set up a legal aid center to help those who need legal assistance in India.

He said national and state laws Service Authority in India is able to take care of the legal needs of 70% of the population and assured that they will provide all possible help in resolving legal issues to those who need it in India.

Referring to his meeting with the UAE Minister of Justice and the Chief Justice of the UAE Federal Supreme Court in the presence of India’s Ambassador to the UAE, the CJI said that several humanitarian issues , including pending extradition orders, prisoner sentence transfer, etc. had been discussed.

He said the two countries recently signed a comprehensive economic partnership agreement, in consideration of the countries’ future growth and development. In addition, on the judicial side, bilateral agreements have been concluded regarding extradition, execution of decrees, mutual legal assistance in criminal cases, etc.


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