‘Congress has changed for the worse’, former Union law minister Ashwani Kumar resigns : The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Aditi Tandon

New Delhi, February 15

Ending 46 years of association with the Congress, former Union law minister Ashwani Kumar today quit the party saying he could better serve national causes outside its fold.

In his resignation to Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi, Kumar (69), who served in former PM Manmohan Singh’s cabinet during UPA I and II, said, “Under the present circumstances and in accordance with my dignity, I can better serve broader national causes outside the party fold. So I quit the party.

Speaking to The Tribune on the reasons for his resignation, he said Congress had undergone a massive transformation for the worse in recent years. “The imprint of Sonia Gandhi’s judgment is no longer visible. The alternative leadership that Congress is seeking to present is clearly unacceptable to the masses and by persisting in this error, the party is only declining further,” he said.

He said he had reached the end of his endurance in the party. “That decision redeemed me in my own eyes,” he said. He felt diminished in Congress and was unable to meet the party leadership after meeting Sonia Gandhi after two years and Rahul Gandhi after eight, he added.

When asked if he would join the BJP, Kumar replied that he had not even thought about it, but all options were open. “I am not saying that I will join the BJP or not join it. I didn’t think of it at all. I certainly don’t think any leader or party is a pariah. The ills of the nation can only be solved by one individual or party.

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