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Ensuring the safety of our children; local law enforcement participate in active threat training

Posted 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, October 1, 2022

On September 21, the Valley Police Department, School Resource Officers, and the Chambers County Multi-Jurisdiction SWAT Team conducted active threat training for administrators and teachers at Valley High and Fairfax Elementary Schools.

At the request of the Chambers County School System, Sergeant Lorenzo Harris and Sergeant Terry Daniel gave a presentation on their procedures for responding to a potential threat. They also reviewed school policies and reviewed them for areas of improvement.

“Recent events across our country have divided a lot of people, and I wanted to make an effort to work with different agencies with the school system,” Harris said. “So that in times of crisis, we can work better together to find solutions to keep our children and the general public safe.”

The agents then subjected the administration and the teachers to an exercise of active threat, during which they were placed in a stressful situation and had to follow their procedure. The exercise gave them a handy practice to refer to in a crisis.

According to Harris, the goal of the training was to build trust and better preparedness for cooperation between the school system, staff and local law enforcement.

“It was really an effort to see how the staff would handle things and see what needs to be improved with their policies and protocols,” Harris said. “Just making sure that we provide our children and our schools with the best possible service.”

Several Chambers County officers, including the schools’ Academic Resource Officers and several members of the Chambers County Multi-Jurisdiction SWAT team, participated in the training.

The Chambers County Multi-Jurisdictional Swat Team is comprised of officers and deputies throughout Chambers County. There are agents from Chambers County. Sheriff’s Office, Lanett Police Department, Valley Police Department, and LaFayette Police Department.

Each officer must complete a week of specialized training to obtain SWAT operator certification from the state of Alabama. There are also additional requirements within their agencies and team.

Harris said all school systems should familiarize themselves with their SROs and local law enforcement.

He said schools should develop better communication with their local legal agencies and ask them to send someone to review the protocol with them. Schools should also keep their own policies up to date.

“Always work towards a better future and have better communication,” Harris said. “I’m glad we got to work with everyone. I hope we can continue to do so in the future. »


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