Etowah County Law Enforcement Conduct Active Shooter Training


ETOWAH CO., Ala. (WBRC) – The Southside Police Department is teaming up with Etowah County law enforcement for active threat training at Southside High School. Officers want to make sure citizens have the tools they need in a crisis.

The two-day training includes several active firing scenarios and safety training drills that can be applied anywhere. It’s training they hope they never have to use, but these skills and drills will prepare law enforcement and educators on what to do if the unthinkable happens.

“In a normal school day, if anything were to happen,” says Etowah County Schools Superintendent Dr. Alan Cosby. “They will be the ones who will be here. So they will be on the front line. The decisions they sometimes make on the fly will be very important. So they need to see it. Law enforcement also needs to see it because we work with many agencies and to have this cooperation between municipalities.

Teachers like Randy Vice say this type of training is just as important as fire and tornado drills. You can never be too prepared.

“Training is everything,” says Vice. “We know the events that have unfolded around us over the past months and years. The more you train, the better off you will be. Whether in the classroom on the sports field on the law enforcement field. The better prepared we are for these events, hopefully, the better the results will be.”

These drills teach participants vital skills they can use in an emergency.

“We teach them things to look for,” says Capt. Jay Freeman of the Southside Police Department. “Identify certain characteristics or clothing or anything on a potential shooter that they can help convey that information to first responders to help neutralize this situation.”


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