FBI Host Local Law Enforcement ‘Safety in Our Schools: A Conversation with Parents’


As the start of a new school year begins, Las Cruces Public School administrators, along with local and federal law enforcement, will give parents the opportunity to hear about training and safety plans. to mitigate potential threats at 6 p.m. Wednesday. , July 27. The meeting, hosted by LCPS and the City of Las Cruces, will include information from the FBI and the Las Cruces Police Department.

“Following the horrific news at Uvalde, school safety is on everyone’s mind,” said CPS Superintendent Ralph Ramos. “This briefing is an opportunity for parents to hear from law enforcement and better understand how we train and equip our schools to be as prepared as possible for any potential threat.”

Agents from the FBI’s Albuquerque Field Office will open the agenda on Wednesday, followed by remarks from Superintendent Ramos and Las Cruces Police Chief Miguel Dominguez. Training officers with LCPD will walk parents through some scenarios related to active shooter training and the protocols that would be followed if something similar happened in Las Cruces.

“We hope that law enforcement will never have the opportunity to put this training into practice in real life,” Ramos noted. “But being unprepared is not an option. In addition to our work with law enforcement, we will continue to emphasize the importance of situational awareness in our schools. Our students are always reminded to report suspicious behavior to a responsible adult and to do their part to ensure a safe learning environment for all students and staff.


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