Formation of a province for the people of South Punjab in accordance with the constitution: Minister of Justice


ISLAMABAD: Senate House Leader Azam Nazeer Tarar said on Thursday that the government is considering the creation of a new province in accordance with the desire of the people of southern Punjab.

Azam Nazeer Tarar, who is also the Federal Minister of Law and Justice, speaking on a point of public importance raised by Senator Rana Mahmood ul Hassan, said that the decision to form a new province would be taken at the light of the Constitution and having taken parliament on board on the subject.

Tarar said this is another positive proposal to establish a special economic zone in South Punjab.

He said South Punjab is an arable land and there should be agribusinesses to add value to the products in a bid to increase Pakistan’s exports in the international market.

He further said that there is a lot of potential especially in the floating fish farming sector, adding that it should also be promoted in the region scientifically, he added.

The minister lamented that the dual education system has produced two types of generation in the society, one that receives education in private institutions and the second in the regular conventional education system.

He expressed his fear that if we continue to privatize this sector, almost 70% of the country’s population will be deprived of education.

He said he would address this issue at the federal cabinet meeting because it is the responsibility of the state to provide education and the right to education.

Meanwhile, Senator Irfan Ul Siddiqui of PML-N, answering Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan’s question on the talks with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, said they were initiated by the previous government.

Outlining the policy of the PML-N government regarding the talks with the TTP, he clarified that he would not keep it secret and that everything would be brought before parliament.


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