Former justice minister points guns at Imran over Justice Isa reference



Former justice minister Dr Farogh Naseem on Monday dismissed allegations that he misled the former prime minister in the case of judge Qazi Faez Isa, saying it was Imran Khan who insisted on file a presidential remand against the Supreme Court justice, not the Justice Department.

The denial comes days after the ousted prime minister, while admitting that filing a referral for Judge Isa’s impeachment was a ‘mistake’, claimed officials then involved had misled his government about the facts of the case. ‘affair.

“Imran was not interested in pursuing the remand against Judge SC for the past two years,” sources had said earlier. The Grandstand Express.

Responding to Imran Khan’s claims that the Justice Ministry was “misled”, the former justice minister clarified that summaries like the one relating to the referral filing against Judge Isa are of a sensitive nature and , therefore, they are never moved “unless and until they are previously authorized by the Prime Minister and the President”.

Senator Naseem further explained that in this case, former Prime Minister Imran insisted on moving the reference given the documents that became available from the Asset Recovery Unit (ARU), which was established by the Prime Minister. minister and worked directly under him.

“The judiciary is not against Imran”

The former justice minister also dispelled the idea that the country’s judiciary was against Imran Khan.

“I never had a personal grudge against Judge Isa. Despite everything that happened, I still don’t have any personal grudge against him,” he added.

“There have been difficult journeys during my three years as Minister of Justice. You have to understand that I normally exercise restraint. It is really part of my personality, but make no mistake, I have all the capabilities to dispel doubts and correct the file, if necessary, with vehemence, consistency and precision,” he added.

Earlier Thursday, sources confirmed The Express Grandstand that the former prime minister admitted his “error” during a meeting with members of the Insaf Lawyers Forum (ILF).

Several participants in the meeting confirmed that the ex-prime minister had admitted that the filing of a presidential remand against Judge Isa was a mistake because the officials then involved had misled his government on the facts of the case.

Imran was not interested in pursuing the reference against Judge SC for the past two years. It was learned that former Pakistani Attorney General Khalid Jawed Khan convinced him that Judge Isa was an honest judge and that he was misled in this case.

A senior PTI lawyer said Imran believed a section of the upper judiciary was annoyed with the party due to the filing of the dismissal against Judge Isa. “Even if the architect of this reference was someone else,” added the lawyer.

However, senior lawyers claim that Imran, being the country’s chief executive, could not be absolved as the citation was filed on his instructions.

Meanwhile, reacting to the development, former information minister Fawad Chaudhry urged Naeem to take responsibility for his actions as former justice minister, saying the dismissal was filed against the court judge supreme at his insistence.

“The point is, you built the case. I said in the cabinet [meeting] that it is not the government’s job to file references against judges,” he wrote on his Twitter account.


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