Freehold Township officials hire special law enforcement officers


FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP – Three Class III Law Enforcement Special Constables have been hired by the Township Committee to provide security at schools in Freehold Township.

At a meeting on January 7, committee members nominated Joseph Lynch, William Rodriguez, and Salvatore Siino on the recommendation of Chief of Police George Baumann. The appointments will continue until December 31.

According to a resolution, Class III constables are authorized to exercise powers and duties similar to those of full-time police officers when providing security at schools in Freehold Township during hours when schools are normally in session or when the buildings are occupied. by students or teachers.

While on duty in his jurisdiction, a Class III officer may respond to offenses or emergencies off school grounds if these situations arise in the presence of the officer while traveling to a school, but an officer may not otherwise be sent or dedicated to duty outside of a common-owned school.

Freehold Township has nine public schools: the Early Childhood Learning Center, the C. Richard Applegate School, the Joseph J. Catena School, the Laura Donovan School, the Marshall W. Errickson School, the West Freehold School, the Barkalow Middle School and Eisenhower Middle School, which comprise School District K-8 in Freehold Township; and Freehold Township High School, part of the Freehold Regional High School District.

In other cases, Township committee members have appointed Christopher Brunner and Mark Wodell as Class II Law Enforcement Special Constables for 2022.

According to a resolution, Class II officers are restricted and confined to public schools in Freehold Township; issue warnings in fire zones, disabled parking zones and no-parking zones; serve as an officer in the municipal court; traffic control in particular details; serve as a communication operator; and special tasks assigned by the Chief of Police.

Class II constables shall be unarmed when off duty, shall not be members of the police force, and their powers and duties shall terminate upon the expiration of the term for which they are appointed or the removal of nominations, according to the resolution.

Finally, the committee members appointed Anthony Vecchio as municipal court prosecutor; Lorraine Nielson and Theresa McGuire as alternate municipal court prosecutors; Raymond Santiago as public defender of the municipal court; CFO Jeffrey Elsasser and Andrea DiGiovanni as Qualified Buying Agents; City Clerk Sanabel Abouzeina as future Evaluation Research Officer; DiGiovanni as Chief Public Agency Compliance Officer and Community Development Representative; and Todd Brown as Alternate Community Development Representative, each for a one-year term.

Committee members also appointed Elsasser for a three-year term as township treasurer, from Jan. 1, 2022, to Dec. 31, 2024.


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