‘Get through the grind’; Law enforcement emphasizes leadership


If you’ve ever looked up to a law enforcement officer and asked yourself, “How do they stay together with everything they see and are called upon to handle?”

They are superheroes. They give themselves selflessly for the safety and well-being of ordinary citizens. But when do they let go or deal with the stressors?

Society in general has become much better at recognizing the unique stresses of a police officer’s daily life and there is now a real training course for officers, detention officers, dispatchers and spouses.

It’s aptly called ‘Getting Through The Grind’ and a training course takes place on Saturday 5th Novembere at the Billings Police Training Center. Classes were also held on Thursday and Friday.

“Using social field theory, the program visualizes the connection between stressors and how the denial of accumulated stress can lead to alcohol/substance abuse, anger issues, and other negative life events,” according to the Montana LEO Peer Support Network.

“What is additionally unique about this program is the delivery of the law enforcement/military instructors and real life testimonials from former and current first responders/military that will bring you full circle and keep you on your toes. path to a successful career and a happy retirement,” said the Montana LEO Peer Support Network.

What is even stronger is the active involvement of police officers’ spouses in this training and this information. Participants are encouraged to bring their partner or spouse to the training to help their loved one successfully manage an inherently stressful career in law enforcement more effectively and happily.

If you want more information, use the link www.allevents.in/billings.


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