‘Government is taking steps to ensure proper infrastructure for lower judiciary’: Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju


Speaking at a reception hosted by the National Legal Services Authority to observe “Legal Services Day”, Union Law and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju said on Tuesday that the 4 crore cases were known to be pending in lower courts, and the government is taking steps to ensure adequate infrastructure for lower courts.

Referring to the large number of pending cases, Mr. Rijiju said that while the Supreme Court and the High Courts function according to certain standards which must be upheld, it is at the level of the lower judiciary that the most must be given. momentum at this point.

It should be recalled that the Chief Justice of India has repeatedly highlighted the problem of lack of adequate infrastructure for the lower courts on many public occasions.

The Minister also said that while it is disheartening to see an ordinary person struggling for justice, it is no one’s fault and the circumstances are responsible.

“We know a lot of people who don’t get justice. It’s no one’s fault, but the circumstances, it’s not easy for an ordinary person to get justice. A person can sell a property to get justice but she doesn’t get an appointment,” the justice minister said. Inasmuch as

Responding to comments made on social media and remarks made on various forums regarding the work done by the judiciary, Mr. Rijiju said that it is difficult for people to understand the work done by judges, including the duties and the studies they carry out.

“There are nasty remarks being made in various forums, when you see how judges have to forum up close, it’s hard for people like us to understand,” Rijiju said.

“We come from public life, we are open, judges can’t be so open. It’s not easy for a judge to get out of his courtroom, his conventional duties and deal with services such as legal aid.” he added.

Appreciating the work done by the National Legal Service Authority to increase people’s access to justice, Mr. Rijiju stressed the need to make justice easily accessible to ordinary people

“It is heartbreaking to see an ordinary person struggling for justice. This distance must be bridged and it must be easily accessible. NALSA has taken tremendous steps in this regard and I must applaud the Chief Justice of India and Judge UU Lalit.” said Mr. Rijiju.

“We want to make sure people don’t have to struggle with a modicum of justice.” said Mr. Rijiju.

Referring to law students and future lawyers in the country, Mr. Rijiju assured that the country will provide great opportunities for these students and they will prove to be conventional lawyers, good arbitrators, etc.

“India will give you great opportunities. You have to bring the judiciary to life and through you we are going to have a strong democracy. The Prime Minister is committed to India becoming an international center for arbitration” , did he declare.

Mr. Rijiju also talked about the need to have simple laws, in simple language that will be easy for everyone to understand. That being said, he clarified that this would not mean that judges and lawyers would become unemployed.

“The idea of ​​delivering justice at home is truly transforming the justice system of our country,” said the Minister of Law and Justice.

Mr. Kiren Rijiju concluded by saying that everyone, including law students, judges and ministers, should come together and ensure that the most vulnerable sections of society receive legal aid and services.


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