Government to check misuse, abuse of DSA: Justice Minister


Photo: Collected


Photo: Collected

The government has said it is ready to control the misuse and misuse of the digital security law, Justice Minister Anisul Huq said today.

He said the government was engaging with relevant UN offices to understand best practices in this regard during an hour-long meeting with diplomats, the first this year, hosted by the Foreign Ministry. at the Foreign Service Academy.

The minister also said he was ready to remedy any misuse or misuse of the law.

He explained the procedure for forming the new Electoral Commission and the President’s current dialogue with the different political parties.

Photo: Collected


Photo: Collected

The Minister of Justice also referred to ongoing initiatives for the reform of the labor sector.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen, Law Minister Anisul Huq, LGRD Minister Md Tajul Islam, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam and Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen were present during the exposed.

Regarding the holding of free and free elections in the country, the foreign minister said, “We are committed to respecting our constitutional obligation,” according to a statement.

“Last year was a year of recovery and hope,” Momen said. With the twin celebrations of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birth centenary and the country’s Golden Jubilee of Independence, the year had special significance for Bangladesh, the foreign minister said.

Reflecting on the country’s achievements in the areas of poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, infrastructure development, digitalization, etc., Momen also highlighted the successful handling of the onslaught of the pandemic and the various incentives and packages announced to deal with its negative impact.

He said that despite the pandemic, Bangladesh managed a growth rate of 5.4% last year.

He briefly mentioned the current local elections. This is the first time the country has elected a third-gender UP president, the foreign minister said.

“This indicates that the glass ceilings have started to crack,” he added.

Momen reaffirmed the firm belief of governments in the development and protection of peoples’ rights through their empowerment.

The LGRD Minister briefed the diplomats on the different phases and results of the ongoing local elections. He mentioned that a large number of independent candidates were elected in these elections.

Ministers clarified the issue of “uncontested elections” taking place in other countries, including in developed regions of the world.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Shahriar Alam spoke about the government’s initiatives aimed at creating a favorable environment for investors in the country.

About forty diplomats took part in the briefing. This was followed by an interactive session in which questions on LDC graduation, business and investment, Rohingya repatriation, among other topics, were discussed.


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