Greene County Loses Two Members of the Law Enforcement Community – WLDS


The community of White Hall and Greene County lost two members of its law enforcement community last week.

Claudia Fischer was a dispatcher for the White Hall Police Department from 1997. She retired in 2016. Fischer died Thursday at the age of 74. Current Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen said Fischer was one of the dispatchers who served the White Hall Police Department when he joined the force in 1990. He says his calming presence has been a benefit for him and several other young officers at the time, as they got to grips with their careers.

Kerry Page began his law enforcement career with the Winchester Police, then the Scott County Sheriff’s Department before landing at the White Hall Police Department in 1980. He took a job with the police of Carrollton in 1989, before becoming a Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy. Page unsuccessfully ran for Greene County sheriff in 2010 against longtime friend and fellow White Hall police officer Rob McMillen.

McMillen says Page has spent his entire professional life working to serve the citizens of Greene County: “Basically, law enforcement was his life and he pretty much lived that life to the fullest. He’s just retired, so he’s had quite a long career serving the people of Greene County.

McMillen recalls the 2010 primary where he and Page faced off for sheriff on the Democratic ticket. He says their personal and professional relationship continued even after McMillen became sheriff: “I was thinking about what to do with my career at the time and I thought it would be a good decision for me. I didn’t really like racing against a friend of mine, but it was a professional decision that I made for my family and myself. When I called him on the phone, I told him I was going to race with the same main ticket as him. I told him that we would have our own campaign. I assured him that, and basically, it was true. There was no argument between the contestants between him and me, or even the other side of the ticket. We all had a pretty good campaign on both sides. At the end of the day, I ended up winning. The story was written after that.

Page returned to the White Hall PD in 2015 before retiring completely in 2020. During his time with the Sheriff’s Department, he assisted the late Carrollton Police Chief Mike Kiger with the DARE program at local schools. McMillen says he even went out of county and state to do training and other advocacy for the police department during his years of service. Page died Tuesday at the age of 66.

Current White Hall Police Chief Luke Coultas said in a Facebook post yesterday that the entire Greene County community has suffered the loss of two extremely important people who have served the community for the past 40 years. .

Services for Fischer will take place at a later date. Page’s funeral will be held Monday at 11:00 a.m. at Airsman Hires Funeral Home in White Hall.


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