How law enforcement is preparing for lockdown situations


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) — The closures at Oak Mountain High School and Oak Mountain Intermediate were scary for parents. So how do law enforcement prepare for and react to such chaotic scenes?

This is something that law enforcement across the country is working diligently to prepare for. Maj. Clay Hammac of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office points out that one of their most vital resources in lockdown situations are school resource officers.

“If we were to find ourselves responding to a critical incident at a school, the very first thing law enforcement officials will do is seek out the school resource officer. You tell us where you need resources. You tell us where you need bodies to move and go and sink, you tell us how we can help you. It’s your school, and we’ve come to the rescue to help you.

Hammac says law enforcement across the country uses a unified training model for active shooter situations. In this way, the officers and deputy ministers of the various departments and agencies always know how to react. He thinks another key is keeping the community informed.

“Communication will always be essential. We want to get as much information out to the public as quickly as possible. »

MPs train and regularly review the procedures in place for lockdown situations. This way, parents can feel safe after dropping off their children.

“We always pray and hope for the best, but we always train and anticipate the worst. So that we are prepared. So that our parents know when they drop their students off at school, so they can breathe and have a sense of peace and understand that it’s a safe place for my student, it’s a safe place for my family member.

Major Hammac stressed that de-escalation tactics are essential in their training, but the preservation of life remains their top priority in containment situations.


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