Is it time for an all India judicial service? The Minister of Justice fights for the AIJS of the IAS type


A “properly framed” All India Judiciary Service (AIJS) modeled on other All India Services such as IAS and IPS is important in strengthening the overall justice delivery system, said Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told Rajya Sabha on Thursday.

The service will provide an opportunity to induce suitably qualified new legal talent selected through an appropriate merit selection system across India, as well as address the issue of social inclusion by enabling representation appropriately from marginalized and disadvantaged sections of society, he said in a written response.

A comprehensive proposal was formulated for the constitution of the AIJS and this was approved by a committee of secretaries in November 2012. The proposal was placed on the agenda of the conference of chief ministers and judges in Chief of the High Courts held in April. 2013, he noted.

He said it was decided that the matter required further deliberation and consideration. Opinions of state governments and high courts have been sought on the proposal.

“There were differences of opinion among the state governments and among the high courts on the constitution of the All India Judicial Service. While some state governments and high courts were in favor of the proposal, some were not were not in favor of the creation of the AIJS, while others wanted changes in the proposal formulated by the central government,” he observed.

The proposal to constitute the AIJS with the views of the high courts and state governments received on this matter was included in the agenda of the conference of chief justices held in April 2015, he said. he recalled.

“However, no progress has been made on the matter and it has been decided to leave it to the respective high court to work out appropriate methods within the existing system to quickly fill vacancies for the appointment of judges of district…the government is engaged in a process of consultation with stakeholders to come to a common ground,” he said.


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