Jared Bassham selected by BRTC to lead Law Enforcement Training Academy


Jared Bassham has been chosen as director of the Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA) at Black River Technical College. Bassham’s term will begin on July 1.

Originally from Hardy, he has worked at the BRTC Law Enforcement Training Academy for 16 years. Prior to that, he worked at the Craighead County Sheriff’s Department as a criminal investigator. Bassham has degrees in social sciences and history, both from Arkansas State University.

Interviews and consideration for the Director of LETA included a wide variety of audiences and voter feedback. BRTC faculty, staff, students, and community members were invited to attend a public presentation and Q&A from each of the three finalists. In addition, 50-minute interviews were held with three other groups: LETA faculty and staff; the BRTC President’s Cabinet consisting of the President, Vice Presidents and Executive Directors; and a separate hiring committee comprised of BRTC employees as well as people from across Arkansas.

“The important position of Director of the Law Enforcement Training Academy requires someone with the highest level of knowledge, experience, skill and professionalism. I am confident that BRTC has selected the most qualified and ideal person for this critical position. Director Bassham will be able to use his wealth of law enforcement knowledge and experience to lead an exceptional group of faculty and staff and his in-depth knowledge of BRTC LETA and his passion and vision for the Law enforcement training will allow BRTC to provide superior training to law enforcement. professionals, both locally and statewide,” said Dr. Brad Baine, vice president of academic affairs.

BRTC’s LETA Director is responsible for creating and maintaining strong, positive contacts across the region and state in the wide range of law enforcement areas and with local government, legislators, state agencies and federal authorities and accreditation and certification commissions.

Bassham will replace outgoing LETA director Steve Shults.


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