Justice Isa, former Minister of Justice in war of words – Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: A war of words ensued between Judge Qazi Faez Isa and former Justice Minister Dr Farogh Naseem after the judge dismissed an allegation that he had deferred the latter’s request for the reinstatement of his attorney’s license after his resignation from the federal cabinet.

In a petition filed before the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), Dr Naseem said that he had applied to the PBC Registration Committee for the reinstatement of his license, but the chairman of the body, Judge Isa, “deliberately postponed a decision on the matter”.

However, a statement released by Justice Isa’s Secretary Farrukh Malik addressed to PBC Chairman Hafeezur Rehman Chaudhry and Justice Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar denied the allegation and clarified that Dr Naseem’s request had only been seen for the first time by Judge Isa on Monday (April 25).

The statement dismissed an allegation that two committee members, Qalbe Hassan and Azam Nazeer Tarar, did their best to persuade the president to pre-empt the case, but “Judge Isa did not budge an inch “.

Mr. Malik said Judge Isa did not hold any meetings with the members of the registration committee nor did he tell them about Dr. Naseem.

He dismissed an allegation by the former Minister of Justice that Judge Isa was biased against the petitioner (Dr Naseem) and was unduly delaying the case.

The statement explained that the application had been received at the office of the PBC vice president on April 7 and neither the president nor the registration committee had reviewed it.

Posted in Dawn, April 27, 2022


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