Justice Minister Anisul urges prosecutors to exercise caution in Digital Security Law cases


“First, check whether the charges in a case can actually be brought under the Digital Security Act. If not [actually a case under the Act]please take action accordingly,” he said in a meeting with the lawyers at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka on Saturday.

He said he discussed the issue with Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan and asked him to take action to end the practice of arresting suspects immediately after charges are brought under the law.

“If the charges are established or if the court thinks it is a heinous act, it must take action accordingly. If he thinks issuing a summons is enough, he will issue a summons,” Anisul said.

“But I will not accept that the Digital Security Act is a lost cause.”

Parliament passed the law in September 2018 despite widespread opposition from journalists, lawyers, intellectuals and international rights groups.

Since then, the law has been violated against journalists in numerous cases, activists and journalists say.

Anisul said the law was passed to fight cybercrime, not to restrict media freedom.

He recalled that he met with experts from the United Nations human rights body in 2019 amid protests against the law to find ways to practice the law properly.

He admitted, however, that the law had been “abused” and “abused” in some cases.


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