Justice Minister calls for efforts to free as many sub-trials as possible


Union Law and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju has appealed to the state legal services authorities to make efforts to ensure that as many prisoners on trial can be released from detention. here on August 15, 2022, India’s 75th Independence Day.

“I call on all state legal service authorities to intensify their efforts to provide legal advice/aid to prisoners on trial so that the maximum number of prisoners on trial are released no later than August 15, 2022, while celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”, the minister of justice said.

Delivering a speech at the 18th Meeting of All India Legal Service Authorities in Jaipur on Saturday, the Justice Minister voiced concern over more than 5 crore of pending cases in the country during the 75th year of independence.

The minister also expressed concern about the large number of people awaiting trial still in prison.

“In this azadi ka amrit kal, 3.5 lakh prisoners are on trial in our country. In each district there is a review committee under the leadership of the district judges. We urge the Chief Justices of the High Court to play a proactive role. They are doing it. We urge them to play a more proactive role to impress the district judges. Release as many as possible. Because the Indian government has decided to give a special discount to prisoners and that guidelines have been developed. We urge mid-trial review panels to be more proactive and help as many people as possible.” said Minister Rijiju.

The courts cannot be reserved for the privileged only

In his remarks, Rijiju also expressed concern about exorbitant attorney fees that hinder access to justice for the common man.

Rich and resourceful people have good lawyers. In Delhi Supreme Court, many lawyers are unaffordable for the common man. If lawyers charge 10-15 lakh per hearing, how can an ordinary man afford it? The courts cannot be reserved for the privileged. The door of justice must always be equally open to all.” said the minister.

The Minister also lobbied for the use of regional languages ​​in the High Courts and Magistrate Courts.

“In the Supreme Court, arguments and judgments are in English. We believe that in the High Courts and the Magistrates’ Courts, it is necessary to give primacy to regional languages. There could be lawyers, who know the law, but cannot present their arguments in English. If local languages ​​are allowed in the courts, we can solve many problems. If I do not speak English, I should have the freedom to speak in my mother tongue. It does not shouldn’t let only those who speak English get cooler, more business and more respect. I object to that. Mother tongues are no less than English. If we give the local language a chance in the High Courts and lower courts, it will be good for us”.

The Minister also said that 71 outdated laws will be repealed in the next session of Parliament and the government’s intention is to ease the legal compliance requirement for ordinary people.

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana, Supreme Court Justice UU Lalit and Chief Justices of High Courts are attending the meeting.


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