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By Express press service

MYSURU: Reiterating that the government will never reverse its decision on the hijab issue, Justice Minister JC Maadhuswamy said the court verdict is in, which the government will not challenge.
Speaking to the media here on Sunday, Madhuswamy said no one can challenge the court order and there is no question of reconsidering the decision.

Responding to Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah lending his support to Muslim organizations who protested against the High Court order, the Minister said: “I have explained this to the Leader of the Opposition, even in the Assembly, on how the government has been held in contempt of court twice – once in the Cauvery case and once in the Dr Rajkumar kidnapping case This government is not ready to deal with in contempt of court and we cannot challenge the order,” he said.

He further replied that if students say they will not take exams, there is nothing the government can do about it as they have to comply with the court order. The Minister of Justice also clarified that there was no proposal to include the Bhagavad Gita in the school curriculum, and added that Minister of Education BC Nagesh had already clarified on this.

Meanwhile, Madhuswamy spoke in favor of the film, The Kashmir Files, which became a smash hit. “I believe in cinema as a medium and it should be used to bring emotion and tell a story. The Kashmir Files also brings to life incidents from the past. Simply because by telling an incident from the story that shows a community in a bad light, we can’t stop talking about invasions, the same goes for this movie,” he concluded.


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