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Justice Minister Rijiju said in CJI’s statement on Kangaroo Court – India’s most independent judiciary in the world

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana In the past, the nation’s media was said to run the kangaroo court. It is a threat to democracy. Now the Minister of Justice on this Kiren Rijiju replied. He said India’s judges and judiciary were completely safe. He said, ‘I would like to say that nowhere in the world no judge and Judicial India is not so free. Along with this, Rijiju strongly advocated the use of local and regional languages ​​in the courts and said on Saturday that if the court language becomes the common language, we could solve many problems.

The Union Justice Minister said the remarks made by the CJI on the media trials of the electronic and print media were in view of the situation in the country and around the world. If anyone thinks we can discuss this publicly, I don’t want to comment on that. Let us tell you that CJI NV Ramana made this remark during a program in Ranchi.

The doors of justice also open for all: Rijiju

On the other hand, Kiren Rijiju said that the mother tongue should not be considered inferior to English. At the same time, he insisted on better coordination between the executive and the judiciary and said the doors of justice should be equally open to all. Rijiju was here addressing the inaugural session of the two-day Conference of Legal Services Authorities. He said that at the Supreme Court, everything from debate to rulings was done in English. But we believe that the High Courts must give priority to local and regional languages ​​within them.

The Minister of Justice raised the issue of Hindi

The Minister of Justice said that many lawyers know the law but are unable to present it properly in English. So if a common language is used in court, many problems can be solved by it. If a lawyer speaks English, his fees are high, why should it be so? If I can’t speak English and find it comfortable to speak my native language, then I should have the freedom to speak in my native language. He said, I am absolutely not in favor of the one who speaks the most English getting more respect, getting more honoraria, getting more business… I am against it. In no way consider your mother tongue as inferior to English.

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Current disputed cases

Expressing concern over the growing number of cases pending in the country’s courts, he called it a challenge. He said that the number of cases pending in the country’s courts would reach about five crores during Amrit Mahotsav’s independence period. There should be coordination between the judiciary and the government and the legislature should play its role as required so that all possible measures can be taken to reduce this number.

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The Minister also commented on the high fees of some lawyers. He said those who are rich make good lawyers. There are many lawyers in the Delhi Supreme Court whose fees cannot be afforded by the common man. If it takes 10 or 15 lakh rupees to appear in each case, then where will the common man get it from? No court should be reserved for a few particular people, he said. Every reason that keeps the common man away from the court is a matter of great concern to us. I still believe that the door of justice should be always and equally open to all. (also of the input language)


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