Justice Minister Rijiju slams former Supreme Court Justice for remarks on lack of freedom of speech: The Tribune India



New Delhi, September 4

Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju slammed former Supreme Court Justice Justice BN Srikrishna for remarks on lack of freedom of speech, saying those who speak without restriction to abuse a Prime popularly elected minister are crying over freedom of speech.

Responding to a tweet that quoted part of an interview given by Judge Srikrishna (retired) to a national daily, Rijiju said: “These people who talk all the time without any restrictions to abuse the Prime Minister elected by the people are crying over freedom of speech. ! They will never speak of the emergency imposed by the Congress party and will never dare to criticize certain CMs of the regional Party.

The former top judge had said that today things are “very badly”.

“I have to admit that if I stood in a public place and said that I don’t like the face of the Prime Minister, someone could search me, arrest me, throw me in jail without giving me any reason. Now this is something we all oppose as citizens,” the former Supreme Court justice had said.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, the justice minister said he didn’t know if a former Supreme Court justice had actually said that.

“If true, then the statement itself degrades the institution he served,” the minister said without naming anyone.


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