“Justice” Rijiju, the only Minister of Justice in recent times who has recognized the hard work of judges: CJI Ramana


CJI Ramana and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju

New Delhi: Chief Justice NV Ramana on Tuesday hailed Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju as the “only justice minister and politician in recent times” who recognized the “hard work of judges and appreciated them”.

CJI Ramana, who is also the Chief Patron of the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), was speaking as the chief guest at the Legal Services Day celebration held at the campus of the University of Sharda, in Greater Noida.

Looking at the Minister of Justice, CJI Ramana went on to say, “Usually we judges call each other ‘brother’…this is another brother…Judge Rijiju…I want to call him Judge Rijiju . If we both go to college and seek admission, he will be admitted because they will think he is a young boy, they will reject me saying that I am an old man… I don’t understand the secret of her youth. He is young, dynamic… interested in solving so many of our problems. I thank him for his recognition… In recent times, you are the only Minister of Justice or a politician who has recognized our hard judicial work and has appreciated us.

“I am very pleased to see the personal inclination of our Minister of Justice towards the progress of legal services authorities and hope that under his leadership the existing obstacles to the growth of legal services authorities, including the problems infrastructure, will be taken care of with prompt intervention. I am glad that he fully understands the hard work of the judges,” CJI Ramana said during his speech.


Speaking earlier at the ceremony, Justice Minister Rijiju said: “We know what judges do, but many people don’t understand the life of a judge… There are nasty remarks that are being made on social media… when you see up close how much judges have to accomplish, and how much work they do… it’s hard for people like us to understand…”. He added that judges cannot be open as they have their own limitations.

In previous events, CJI Ramana had thanked the Minister of Justice for the swift approval by the government of the recommendations made by the SC college for the appointment of nine new justices to the Supreme Court, including three women justices. After taking office as Chief Justice of India on April 24 this year, the SC college headed by him recommended the appointment of 106 judges to various HCs along with nine new Chief Justices. The Minister of Justice has already given strong assurances to the CJI that all recommendations will be quickly approved and is already doing so, as evidenced by the past two weeks.


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