Karnataka BJP MP caught on camera comparing Justice Minister Madhuswamy to a ‘Korean dictator’


A private conversation between a BJP MP from Karnataka and a state minister from the party – caught on microphones and cameras – ahead of a press conference sparked controversy in the state.

Tumakuru MP GS Basavaraj was filmed slurring Karnataka Justice Minister JC Madhuswamy and comparing him to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un during a conversation with the Development Minister urbanite, Byrathi Basavaraj, minutes before a press conference in Tumakuru district on Thursday.

“He’s like the Korean pivot. He ruined our neighborhood. We won’t win a seat. If he opens his mouth, he is struck, beaten and cut. He is rude and mistreats civil servants,” the MP said in an apparent reference to Madhuswamy whose constituency is in the area.

According to party sources, the incident happened during a public demonstration at 9:30 a.m. Madhuswamy who is in charge of Tumakuru attended the event with the MP and the Minister. Soon he left to attend a cabinet meeting in Bengaluru which angered GS Basavaraj and caused him to vent his feelings, sources familiar with the incident have said.

After the video went viral, Madhuswamy responded to the incident saying, “Basavaraj said what was in his heart. I don’t know about the person (Kim Jong Un), I never read or knew about him. They can withdraw me from the party and stay there if they think so.


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