Kentucky launches new program to recruit veterans for law enforcement training | New


RICHMOND, KY – Governor Andy Beshear announced Thursday that Kentucky is launching the Army Law Enforcement Programallowing veterans to transition into law enforcement and retain military pay and benefits while in training.

According to a detailed statement from the Kentucky Cabinet of Justice and Public Safety, Kentucky law enforcement will be able to hire service members from all branches of the military during their final 180 days of military service. Agencies hiring veterans under this program would save money, but service members will be able to keep their full military pay and benefits for the duration of their training. The release explains that veterans will connect with law enforcement through a Department of Defense program called SkillBridge. Veterans who use SkillBridge must sign up for three years with their hiring agency.

The program is the result of a collaboration between the defense departmentthe Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, Kentucky Commission on Military Affairsand the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, according to the office.

Law enforcement agencies wishing to recruit service members must first become an authorized SkillBridge organization. Once approved, they can contact KLEC to advertise their vacancies on SkillBridge, where veterans can access them, the statement explains.


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