Kerala Justice Minister reacts to Guv orders over sacking of 15 Kerala university staff and deaths in custody


Kerala Law and Industry Minister P Rajeev on Thursday reacted to state governor Arif Mohammad Khan’s order to fire 15 members of Kerala University and said he would verify whether the order adopted was procedural. “Everything must be legal here, I will check whether the order was based on a procedure or not,” said Kerala Justice Minister P Rajeev.

Calling the university an “autonomous institution”, Rajeev said he would probe the governor’s orders. “The University is an autonomous institution. Here everything must be legal. If you look at the judgments of the courts, you will understand how to use the concept of pressure. At first glance, this is not a common practice on the part of the governor .I will check if the order that removed the members of the Senate was based on procedures,” Rajeev told a news conference in Kochi.

He further reacted to the alleged death in custody in Kollam district. He said the government takes necessary action if anything bad happens on the police side. He also mentioned the Kerala human sacrifice case while appreciating the Kerala Police while reacting to the death in custody. “The police have shown extraordinary investigative skills. This is the kind of skill that reaches world-class standards. The government takes necessary action if anything bad happens on the side of the police,” a- he declared.

In the alleged torture in custody case, four police officers namely Circle Inspector Vinod, Deputy Inspector Anish, SI Rank Prakash Chandran and CPO Manikandan Pillai from Killikolur Police Station in Kollam were transferred after being accused of torturing Vignesh and his brother. An internal investigation proved that two men named Vishnu and Vignesh, who are brothers, were falsely accused by officers and subjected to brutal treatment.

It was reported that brothers Vignesh and Vishnu were allegedly tortured inside the police station after being called for the bail of an accused person in a drug trafficking case on August 25. Vishnu is an army soldier and Vignesh went to the police list.

However, the police version said that these brothers had come on bail for an accused person in a drug trafficking case and attacked the officers inside the station. (ANI)

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