Kremlin spokesman praises actions of Kazakh law enforcement amid unrest – protests in Kazakhstan


MOSCOW, January 10./TASS/. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov considers the actions of the Kazakh security forces to be effective and heroic in the midst of the unrest in the country.

“Why was it possible to quickly defuse the tensions and eliminate this main threat to simply lose control completely in some big cities, in the first place in Almaty? Of course, this was due to the effective actions of the Kazakh law enforcement and their heroic actions, “Peskov said in response to questions from reporters on Monday. However, the victims could not be avoided, he said. note.

The situation was quickly brought under control also thanks “to the assistance provided through the intermediary of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization – TASS) at the request of Kazakhstan”, he underlined.

These actions have been coordinated, he said. “You know that heads of state and government have repeatedly exchanged phone calls in the difficult first days. As for our president [Vladimir Putin], we reported that he had had a long telephone conversation with the President [of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart] Tokayev and with all his colleagues in the organization (CSTO – TASS), “Peskov reiterated.

When asked if Putin was planning to visit Kazakhstan as had been the case during certain emergency situations in Russia, Peskov dismissed the question as “inappropriate”. “Kazakhstan is a sovereign state which is going through difficult times.” “President Tokayev called this the most difficult point in the 30-year history of independent Kazakhstan,” Peskov added.


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