LAW ENFORCEMENT APPEALS August 1-7, 2022 | Price County Review



The Park Falls Police Department reported public calls from August 1-7, 2022

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kAm• `aiah 2]>][ 2 !9:==:AD C6D:56?E 42==65 [email protected] [email protected] 2 ?6:[email protected]’D [email protected]>6 H2D @? 7:C6] !9:==:AD u:C6 s6A2CE>6?E 2?5 r6?EC2= !C:46 [email protected]?EJ p>3F=2?46 $6CG:46 H6C6 A2865[ 2?5 E96 !C6?E:46 u:C6 s6A2CE>6?E [email protected] [email protected]?565 H:E9 2 E2?<6C ECF4<]k^am

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