Law enforcement is working urgently to find the men who stole 69 firearms


LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas — The group of men who stole dozens of guns from a Lacy Lakeview store are still walking free.

Officers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told 6 News that they wanted quick justice.

In the late hours of February 3 and 4, four men were caught on surveillance camera stealing 69 firearms from Attwood Ranch and Home in Lacy Lakeview.

“Time is running out. That’s why we posted the award notice. If the public can come forward and provide us with information, we always welcome it,” said agent Brian Garner of Austin.

The ATF awards $8,000 for information on the fate of the four suspects in hopes of getting people talking. Garner said it was dangerous to have unregistered firearms on the streets.

“Law-abiding citizens don’t break into gun shops and steal guns. So you are already dealing with criminals ready to break into gun shops. We want to try to recover these weapons before they are used in any type of crime, theft or even homicide,” Garner said.

Not only are ATF officers investigating, but so are Lacy Lakeview Police who released photos of the four men, including a photo of the vehicle they were driving in.

“Stealing from a federal license holder is a maximum of ten years in prison,” Garner said. “Possession of a stolen firearm is ten years in prison, and of course you have other things that can come into play.”

If you recognize the men, call Lacy Lakeview Police or ATF at 888-ATF-TIPS

“We’re working together to try to bring quick justice,” Garner said.


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