Law enforcement working to help Jacksboro police after officers leave


JACKSBORO, TN (WATE) The Jacksboro Police Department lost its chief and other officers on Monday. The newly appointed leader, Daniel Smithtold WATE that the only officer who did not leave was Franklin Ayers. Ayers is now the deputy chief, leaving the department with just two full-time employees.

Now there’s a call for help, but they didn’t have to look far because the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department plans to help.

“We have received several phone calls,” Sheriff Wayne Barton said. “The city attorney came to us asking if we could help with service calls and answering those calls, and of course we agreed, yes, we will help in any way necessary.”

The Sheriff’s Department and the LaFollette Police Department are on board to assist Jacksboro Police. Sheriff Barton said they had a designated car for the area.

“It will be a higher volume of calls for us, but since it’s here in Jacksboro, the whole administration here is made up of certified law enforcement officers, so if something happens and the calls start getting backed up, any of us here in the office can go and answer those calls,” Barton said.

So no matter where they reside in Jacksboro, the call will always be answered.

“We want to assure the citizens of Campbell County that the sheriff’s office is here,” Barton said. “That’s what we’re here for, to protect and serve the citizens of Campbell County, regardless of address.”

Newly appointed chief Smith also said the department was already understaffed. They had three agents before the incident, and to be complete they needed six.

WATE strives to understand what may have caused the agents to leave their jobs.


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