Letter: Not friend of law enforcement | Letters


A large bipartisan majority voted to approve a measure that will provide $60 million over the next five years to law enforcement agencies with fewer than 125 officers to do things like purchase body cameras, provide de-escalation training and improve recruitment and retention.

Rep. Tom Tiffany, a Republican who represents much of northern Wisconsin and has frequently criticized the “defund the police” movement, voted against the measure.

He did not respond to questions asking why he did not support the bill. (Upper Telegram, October 6, 2022).

This is the second time Mr. Tiffany has voted against a community policing bill. Mr Tiffany falsely claims he is a candidate for law and order, but he did not care at all that police officers in the capital were attacked by a violent mob on January 6, 2021, leaving many wounded and dead among the police.

Mr. Tiffany is no friend of law enforcement and he struggles to tell the truth about it. Richard Ausman supports funding our law enforcement officers, not funding rookie like Tom Tiffany. He knows that without the police there would be no rule of law, that gangs and outlaws would dominate the country.

Vote for Richard Ausman in Congress if you support the rule of law and the protection of our democracy. And he will never lie to you.

— Everett Fuchs Hudson


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