Local law enforcement conduct active shooter training


BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Local law enforcement is taking steps to be as prepared as possible should a mass shooting occur in our area.

With the shooting in Uvalde, Texas last month, mass shootings are still on the minds of most people, especially law enforcement.

“Every time one of these events happens, lessons are learned,” Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford said. “We’re going to learn a lot of lessons from the Uvalde situation, and shame on us if we don’t take those lessons and put them into practice.”

On Tuesday, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office held its annual classroom active shooter training.

Since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting claimed the lives of 17 people in 2018, the agency has incorporated a new active shooter training program.

It’s called Active Shooter Incident Management, or ASIM.

“What we looked at after Parkland is how are we going to handle these situations because you look at them time and time again, these are very complex situations, rapidly evolving situations,” Sheriff Ford said. “It is very difficult to manage these critical incidents like this, but we can also train our employees in techniques that will allow us to manage them more effectively.”

Law enforcement participated in a classroom demonstration to visualize the steps necessary during an active shooter situation.

“Previous techniques for active shooters over five years ago was to wait for the whole building to be searched, and that was what we call cold before someone came in and checked on the wounded… We don’t can’t do that anymore,” Sheriff Ford said.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office will host real-world active shooter training at Arnold High School next month.


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