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The University of Mansfield Public Safety Training Institute (MUPSTI) has entered into an agreement to train law enforcement officers in the state.

A training opportunity for Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) Waterways Conservation Officers (WCOs) will soon be available at the Mansfield Campus of Commonwealth University.

The MUPSTI will form 19 OMD thanks to the agreement with the gaming commission. The Municipal Police Academy at Mansfield University will provide the required law enforcement training.

Interns will receive approximately six months of law enforcement training as required by Pennsylvania Municipal Police Training Law 120.

The training is conducted at the Mansfield campus and will enable future DMOs to operate as law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania. WCO trainees are housed in on-campus accommodation for the duration of their training.

OMD Interns will receive training at Mansfield on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, Pennsylvania Criminal Law and Procedures, Human Relations and Special Needs, Patrol Procedures, Criminal Investigations , Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Enforcement, Drug Law Enforcement, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Physical Fitness, Firearms Training, Self-Defense and Control Tactics with and without weapons, and emergency response training.

WCO trainees began their training in Mansfield on August 29 and will complete their law enforcement training at the end of February 2023.

After successfully completing Act 120 training at Mansfield, WCO trainees will receive approximately six additional months of additional specialist training through the CBFP in order to successfully complete their WCO CBFP qualification.

“The MU Academy is unique in that we can provide the certification training while working with Residence Life and Food Services to provide an all-inclusive residential academy,” said Joshua Battin, Senior Associate Dean of the College of Arts. , Social Sciences and Humanities at Mansfield.

Battin said that in the past, police departments have sent one or two officers to the academy to fit into their classes, but the CBFP is the largest single agency group they have trained, requiring them to lead an additional academy class this year and now have two different classes in the training process.

“The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission recognizes Bill 120 training as an important first step in developing professional, competent officers equipped with the skills necessary to protect our aquatic resources and the people who benefit from them,” said Lt. Colonel Thomas Burrell of the CBFP office. of law enforcement. “Mansfield’s program is uniquely positioned to deliver quality training in a progressive and positive manner, and we look forward to the long-term benefits of this partnership.”

MUPSTI has the second-lowest tuition of any Law 120 police academy in Pennsylvania. It also offers several scholarships and incentives for people who want to become police officers in the state.

“Thanks to a generous grant from the Emergency Response Training and Certification Association (ERTCA), we have $2,500 scholarships for all cadets who successfully complete the training and certification process,” said Battin said. “In addition, we can provide free on-campus housing for those coming from outside the region or in need. We have also partnered with the Quest for the Best Foundation, which offers a $50 scholarship. % to two cadets for each academy.”

“This partnership is a great example of what is possible through strong workforce development initiatives. Commonwealth University is focused on providing these types of training and accreditation opportunities to individuals from across the region and state,” said Bashar W. Hanna, president of Commonwealth University.

“Working with employers to develop high-quality, innovative and inclusive training, leading to industry-recognized credentials, is at the heart of workforce development training,” said Hope Lineman, Director Workforce Development Executive for Commonwealth University.

“We are fulfilling our mission in new and creative ways to ensure Pennsylvania residents, including traditional, non-traditional, and working adults, have access to cutting-edge training and programs through partnerships with community colleges, employers (apprenticeships) and recognition of prior learning through a stackable framework leading from training to a degree The overhaul of the state system brings renewed focus to continue driving economic development and social mobility.”

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