Many believe it is necessary to pass a law on digital security: Minister of Justice


Justice Minister Anisul Huq, Star file photo


Justice Minister Anisul Huq, Star file photo

Justice Minister Anisul Huq said today that steps have been taken to prevent misuse of the Digital Security Act.

“I recognize that there have been abuses and misconduct since the enactment of the Digital Security Act, and we have taken steps to prevent them,” the minister told the annual general meeting of the Crime Reporters Association of Bangladesh (CRAB) in Dhaka Reporters Unity. this afternoon.

“Many claim that there is no freedom of speech or press in Bangladesh. From what I have seen on the BBC and other international media, I don’t think there is as many talk shows in other countries as in our country. More importantly, one person from the government and one from the opposition discuss the issues. It’s never been one-sided here,” he said. declared.

“A lot of people now think there is a need for a digital security law in Bangladesh. I spoke to the Minister of Home Affairs and the ICT Act 2006 was amended in 2012. Subsequently , a cell has been formed. Cases filed under this law will be sent first to this law enforcement cell. They will check whether the accusation is founded. I also discussed with the Minister of Inside the possibility of not arresting a journalist during the investigation. Now you can see that if a journalist is charged under the Digital Security Act, he is not immediately arrested,” the minister said.

According to Anisul Huq, the law was never intended to restrict freedom of speech or of the press.

“The Right to Information Act has been passed. The Digital Security Act does not appear to harm the media. To protect freedom of speech and the press, the government will provide all possible cooperation. You will not suffer any prejudice,” he told reporters.


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