Marjorie Taylor Greene advocated for law enforcement funding: WTF


The far right is still completely obsessed with Hunter Biden’s laptop. Donald Trump wanted Vladimir Putin to help him search for dirt on Joe’s troubled son, and Gina Carano is making a movie about the guy (for Ben Shapiro’s joint), and two of the messiest people in Congress (Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz) periodically freak out about Hunter.

Of course, Matt Gaetz is in his own legal hot water (being under investigation for sex trafficking), so he probably has a big problem with law enforcement, and he’d like them to look in another direction: at Hunter. . Gaetz vigorously defends this point while dismissing the Justice Department, and Greene took to Twitter to destroy the federal executive department responsible for administering law enforcement. The MAGA cheerleader would like them to be funded, illico.

“We are not responding to questions about an ongoing investigation,” Greene said. tweeted. “It’s the controlled fall. Demand that Hunter Biden be investigated so that all information is sealed and the outcome is in their control. What incredible injustice to the American people! Defund the DOJ!!!

Wait, what are the “gazpacho police” going to do now? Seriously, perhaps Greene didn’t realize that defunding the DOJ is just another way of saying “defund the police,” and that’s the accusation often leveled on the left by the far right. Again, this is a lawmaker tweeting obviously photoshopped images of mass shooting suspects in a totally serious way. So there’s probably no need to point out much to him.


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