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Law enforcement mental health grant is coming to Snyder and Union counties

Snyder and Union counties receive law enforcement mental health grant

MIDDLEBURG — Law enforcement personnel in Snyder and Union Counties will now have mental health resources, thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch said the $125,000 grant was recently awarded — that funding will come over the next two years. He says the grant will allow law enforcement in both counties to access mental health training and counseling services specifically designed for law enforcement.

Services will also be available to probation staff in both counties as well as individuals from the Central Susquehanna Regional 911 Center.

Piecuch says the idea first surfaced last year when Shamokin Dam Police Chief Tim Bremigen asked if there were any peer support services designed for law enforcement. order. Piecuch says that after some research, funds from the grant will allow Snyder and Union County officers to partner with ACCESS EAP in Harrisburg to use these services.

Piecuch says he is very happy to be able to offer these services to local law enforcement, saying we have an obligation to take care of the officers who take care of us.


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