Millions invested in law enforcement college as CoCT fights crime


Cape Town has earmarked R66 million over the next three years to expand the city’s law enforcement college to produce more well-trained officers.

Earlier this week Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis and City Safety Committee member JP Smith visited one of the colleges to highlight plans to add more trainee officers.

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“It was a pleasure to visit the establishment where 375 trainees are currently in training. This budget allocation includes 25 additional training staff to meet our increased training needs over the coming years. We are also building a brand new training center in Muizenberg,” said the mayor.

Hill-Lewis added that the city has a national responsibility to keep its residents safe.

“The national government’s failure to provide police leadership is evident in the chronic underfunding of the Western Cape and Cape Town. Here in Cape Town, we are building our own municipal police force into a real crime-fighting force and we are doing everything we can, within our resources and capabilities, to make residents more sure.

Meanwhile, between September 5, 2022 and October 30, 2022, Law Enforcement Advancement Plan (LEAP) officers ensured that 70 illegal firearms were no longer in the hands of these unscrupulous individuals. In September 2022, 26 illegal firearms were removed, while 44 were confiscated in October 2022.

These officers also made 1,254 arrests, including 38 for possession of an illegal firearm, 57 for possession of illegal ammunition, 36 for possession of an imitation firearm, 735 for possession of narcotics and 148 for possession of dangerous weapons. .

“We have launched the LEAP program to strengthen the hand of the South African Police Service (SAPS) so that greater safety can be achieved in our communities,” said the Minister for Police Oversight and Community Safety. , Reagen Allen. “We believe the national government has failed the people of this province and it is for this reason that we believe they are not providing the police resources needed in the Western Cape. Through the LEAP program, it is clear that we are not sitting idly by, but rather going the extra mile, because we want to ensure that our residents can live in a safer environment and with dignity.

“It is essential that residents help our LEAP officers in this fight against crime. They, along with all law enforcement agencies, other Cape Town law enforcement entities and SAPS, need our full support.

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