NC Planning provides elder legal services in Raleigh, NC and is dedicated to protecting the rights of the elderly, disabled and abused


NC Planning operates out of Raleigh, North Carolina. He has earned a reputation for writing impeccable wills and executing estate plans based on clients’ interests. It serves individuals, families, businesses and businesses. The law firm continuously engages with clients to update documents and ensure that changing situations are requirements are covered.

According to announcements published by NC Planning – Elder Law Attorneys, the law firm facilitates planning for the elderly by answering questions related to asset protection, expenses associated with elder care, insurance and veterans care. Its senior planning attorneys protect families from unexpected out-of-pocket expenses related to conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

The monthly costs associated with home care for the elderly are beyond the capacity of most families; planning can mitigate out-of-pocket expenses and allow families to operate within their budget. Lawyers at this law firm will discuss options, such as government-funded employee benefit programs to reduce the costs a client must bear. They can create a plan to pay for elderly care through Medicaid, Veterans Retirement Benefits, and the PACE program. Besides planning, NC Planning attorneys also help families who are currently trying to manage the failing health of an elderly member.

NC Planning’s senior planning advocates routinely help clients apply for Medicaid benefits. The law firm’s legal team knows that families applying for the first time can find the process daunting. It educates clients on eligibility criteria. Medicaid, administered by North Carolina, is a federal program. Lawyers familiar with relevant state and federal laws can be helpful during the application process.

NC Planning helps North Carolina veterans qualify for monthly benefits provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. It can implement asset protection techniques that help veterans qualify for these benefits. The funds made available through these benefits can contribute to the care of the elderly.

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NC Planning said, “For a will to be valid in North Carolina, it must be drawn up and executed in accordance with the requirements of North Carolina law. A will should be written by a lawyer for your protection and that of your family, but it is not mandatory to have a lawyer to write your will. A lawyer familiar with wills and estate planning can help you make some of the important decisions and ensure that your will meets the requirements to be valid.

In North Carolina, you only need to follow the proper procedures to make and execute your will. You do not need to take a copy of your will to court or place it in public records.

Once your will has been signed, it is advisable to place your will in a safe place, for example in a safe or with your other essential papers. With our trusted resources and experienced estate administration team, our goal is to help get you on the right track.

Even if you don’t hire one, it’s worth sitting down with a lawyer to find out what is required of you to successfully close the estate. We encourage you to put down the phone and see what it means to have direct and applicable knowledge on your side by sitting down with one of our attorneys at NC Planning.

About the company:

NC planning is a service from Lenfestey, Maxie and Burger. He focuses on estate planning, business and corporate planning, estate administration, elder law and tax representation. NC Planning also offers legal services in other areas. He values ​​long-term relationships with clients.

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