On the High Court, the judges requested Chief Justice NV Ramana. Minister Loi kiren rijiju On Stage


Strong points

  • The Collegium has recommended 68 names as judges for 12 high courts
  • Hope the government clears the names quickly, CJI says
  • Can’t speak about names, but we’ll be positive, minister said

New Delhi:

The college has recommended registering 68 names at one time for appointment as judges in a dozen high courts, Chief Justice NV Ramana said today, stressing that he expects the government to clears with the same speed as it did when clearing names for appointment as Supreme Court Justices. Union Minister Loi Kiren Rijiju was present on stage when the remarks were made.

“The Union Justice Minister is here. I hope the government clears the names soon just as they cleared the nine names for elevation to the Supreme Court,” Chief Justice Ramana said during of an event organized by the Bar Council of India.

“I cannot speak about the names of the proposed judges. But we will be positive,” was the minister’s response to reporters later.

The Chief Justice said after a week’s time he will submit a “voluminous report” to the Act Minister on infrastructure issues in the courts so that the government can take care of him.

In rural areas, the Chief Justice said, lawyers are losing their jobs due to difficulties in approaching digital resources.

“In all other places bigger lawyers appear by videoconference… This is a dangerous model, it leads to inequality,” Chief Justice Ramana said.

“With a young and dynamic Union Law Minister, we can expect things to move forward at a rapid pace,” the Chief Justice added.

A dash of humorous injection, the chief justice said when he met the law minister he thought of him as a “student” but didn’t press his age.

“I have a law degree, but I don’t have the experience of practicing law,” the minister told the chief justice when they first met.

“Then you won’t be prejudiced against the judges,” the chief judge replied in a more lighthearted way.

12 High Courts to which the recommendations have been made are: Allahabad, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Madras, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab and Haryana, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Assam.

Of the names cleared for 12 High Courts, 44 are from the Bar and 24 from the Judicial Service. Overall, there are 10 women who have been recommended for elevation.


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