Pa. State Law Enforcement Citizen Advisory Commission Examines the Future of Civilian Police Oversight | New


Pennsylvania’s Citizens’ Law Enforcement Advisory Commission (Commission) met on Friday, August 5 to approve reviews of investigations related to use-of-force and police-based incidents. prejudices. Governor Tom Wolf established this first-of-its-kind commission to review and improve policies within Commonwealth law enforcement agencies under the governor’s jurisdiction, including, but not limited to, police. State of Pennsylvania (PSP), Department of Corrections and Parole (DOC), Department of General Duty Capitol Police, and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Park Rangers (DCNR).

Today’s meeting also brought together a panel of national experts on the nature of civilian police oversight nationally and in Pennsylvania. Panelists discussed how communities benefit from the relationship between civilian oversight groups and police, the status of recommendations and reforms made in Pennsylvania, and the future of civilian oversight here and in the US. national scale. Panel members included:


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