ramana: The Minister of Justice assured the appointment of 9 Chief Justices of the High Court who will soon be authorized: CJI | India News

NEW DELHI: Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said on Saturday Law Minister Kiren Rijiju assured that the recommendations made by the Supreme Court college for the appointment of high court judges, which includes the appointment of 9 chief justices, will be approved within a day or two.
Judge Ramana was speaking at the launch of the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) 6-week pan-Indian legal awareness and awareness campaign. “Since May, we have recommended over 106 judges to different high courts and 9 chief justices to various high courts. The government has cleared some of them and the Minister of Justice has informed that the rest of things will happen in a day or two. “said Judge Ramana.
He added: “I thank the government for lifting these vacancies and for giving the population rapid access to justice. These appointments will resolve the wait to a certain extent ”. Judge Ramana underlined: “I seek the cooperation and support of the government to allow access to justice and strengthen democracy”.
Judge Ramana said people need to feel that the law and institutions are for everyone and that in a democratic country it is the faith and trust of the people that sustains the institutions. “We must deserve this faith. The quality of democracy depends on the quality of justice. For a healthy democracy, a vibrant justice system is essential, ”he said.
Judge Ramana also underlined the importance of ensuring access to justice for all, including vulnerable sections and added that ensuring equal justice would be meaningless if vulnerable sections cannot do so. respect their rights. “Equality and access to justice complement each other,” he said.
He added that Covid-19 has created many problems for many institutions, including the judiciary – thousands of cases have piled up in different fora, aside from large vacancies and non-functioning courts, the lack of virtual conference rooms in rural areas. “The pandemic has exposed deeply rooted issues,” he said.

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