Rs 9,000 Crores Approved for Judicial Infrastructure, Says Justice Minister; CJI repeats the need for a judicial infrastructure company


the Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister for Law and Justice said on Saturday that the Union government had approved a sum of Rs 9,000 crore for the development of judicial infrastructure. The Minister added that he has taken note of the suggestions made by the Chief Justice of India to give impetus to the development of judicial infrastructure.

I have taken note of the suggestions made yesterday by the Honorable Chief Justice of India regarding the need to boost the judicial infrastructure. In this context, I wish to inform that the government has already approved the continuation of the centrally sponsored program for the development of infrastructure facilities for the judiciary at a cost of Rs 9000 Crore Rupees”, said the Minister of Justice, during the farewell ceremony of the Constitution Day celebrations in New Delhi.

He also mentioned that various sections of society were concerned about the pending business. The efficiency of the judicial infrastructure is essential for the reduction of the backlog of cases, underlined the Minister. He added that the current government is sensitive to the needs of strengthening the judicial infrastructure and is committed to investing the maximum resources to develop a new generation infrastructure. The minister also spoke about the use of artificial intelligence in the judicial process.

“Artificial intelligence can help implement court management tools such as case flow management, case resolution rates, online case law information and automated support systems based on algorithms that can all contribute to the efficiency of judicial functioning. Of course, trained machines, no matter how intelligent, cannot replace human judges, nevertheless they can help judges in the decision-making process by giving calculated and unbiased opinions Synchronizing AI with human wisdom can help expedite the administration of justice., said the Minister.

Minister Rijiju also said that the government is in the process of adopting a law on mediation to facilitate the speedy settlement of cases through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

“As ADR is a priority area for the government, the government has taken many policy initiatives to promote and strengthen the ADR mechanism through amendments to existing laws and enacting new laws to facilitate thick settlement and speed of disputes outside the traditional court. As an extension of this exercise, an autonomous law on Meditation is being studied”, he said.

The funds are not the problem, the use is; Special purpose vehicle in the form of a necessary court infrastructure company: CJI

The Chief Justice of India, in his speech at the ceremony, thanked the Minister of Justice for approving the funds. However, he added that the problem was not the funds but their underspending. He reiterated the need for a special purpose vehicle in the form of a Judicial Infrastructure Authority to ensure the proper use of funds.

“I am grateful to the Honorable Minister of Justice for mentioning that the Government of India has given around Rs 9,000 crore for infrastructure. I am requesting the Minister of Justice to create a special purpose vehicle. Yesterday I have mentioned the reason.Money is not the issue.Funds are not the issue.Ultimately the money or Indian government sanctioned duties under the central regime must reach and it must be Unfortunately, some states don’t give their share of the money as a contributory share, so no infrastructure project takes off, so that’s why I’m strongly advocating for the creation of a national utility company. judicial infrastructure. I ask once again, please consider this”, said the CJI.

The CJI also asked the Minister of Justice to speed up the filling of vacancies.

It may be noted that the CJI has raised the need for a special entity to develop judicial infrastructure, a national judicial infrastructure company on other occasions as well.

“I must acknowledge that the Union Government has made a reasonable budget allocation for this purpose through its centrally sponsored program. But, due to non-availability of matching grants by some states, the budget allocated remains underutilized I think the situation calls for the creation of special purpose vehicles i.e. national and state authorities of justice infrastructure along the lines of NALSA and SLSA“, had declared yesterday the CJI in the presence of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the event of the Day of the Constitution.

Read the full text of CJI’s speech here.

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