Sar Kheng reminds law enforcement of need for political neutrality


Civil servants and police attend the inauguration of the new Phnom Penh municipal police headquarters in the capital’s Russey Keo district on September 8.

Interior Minister Sar Kheng reminded all civil servants and the police that they must serve the public without discrimination, regardless of their political affiliation. A neutral position must also be maintained in dealing with any matter involving a political party.

Kheng issued the encore while presiding over the Sept. 8 inauguration of the new Phnom Penh Municipal Police Headquarters in the capital’s Russey Keo district.

He stressed that as police officers and public officials, they must serve all people equally, whether carrying out rescues, investigating crimes or providing services. public. Anyone who fails to do so is not worthy of being called a civil servant.

While praising all the civil servants and policemen who have fulfilled their role well, he warned that those who do not respect the government policy and the regulations of their ministries or institutions will be punished according to the administrative procedure.

The discipline started at the beginning of their career, during the recruitment and training phase, he added, saying that the police officers who had not undergone training were not suitable for a position in the police. law enforcement.


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