SGI, Law Enforcement Cracked Down On Seat Belts Last Month –


Each month, SGI and law enforcement across the province will focus on a specific road safety issue. In February, the spotlight was on people who weren’t wearing their seatbelts.

During the 28 days in February, officers issued a total of 262 tickets for seat belt and other restraint issues across Saskatchewan – an average of nearly ten per day. This was in addition to all other traffic offenses for which officers had issued tickets.

Of the 262 tickets, 195 involved drivers not wearing seat belts, 37 involved young children who were not properly restrained with the correct booster seat or car seat, and 32 involved passengers over the age of 16 not wearing a seat belt.

Each of these offenses carries a $175 fine and three demerit points under SGI’s Safe Driver Recognition Program.

In addition to tickets issued for seat belts, law enforcement in Saskatchewan also issued 335 tickets for distracted driving, 284 of which were for cell phone use. There were 3,370 tickets issued for speeding and aggressive driving and 278 impaired driving offences, 203 of which were Criminal Code charges.

The focus of March road safety was on speeding.


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