The house of God ruled by Minister of Law of God Farrakhan and the NOI Executive Council on WVON


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CHICAGO—The story of the Nation of Islam was written on a historic black radio station as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the 13 members of the Nation of Islam (NOI) Shura Executive Council appeared on the WVON 1690AM morning show with host Eddie Reed. It was an opportunity and opportunity to introduce and present the Council, all appointed by the Min. Farrakhan – to the black community and the world.

Min. Farrakhan thanked Mr. Reed, a longtime Chicago activist and freedom fighter, for extending an invitation to the show. The Minister explained the function and duty of the Executive Council and the importance of governance and law consistent and aligned with Allah (God) and based on love.

“We always think of the law as something that confines us, and it is. But Jesus represented the law in the highest manifestation when he said, “Love God first.” And this is the first cardinal principle of the Executive Council and the members of the Nation of Islam. We love Allah (God) first with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We pledge allegiance to nothing and no one but God. We respect the flag of the nation in which we live.

WVON’s Eddie Reed conducted the interviews

We honor this flag. And we honor the independent peoples who are the former slave masters of our fathers, but we do not wish to rule as they rule. We do not wish to govern and guide our people as white America would and made us,” Min explained. Farrakhan.

This group of highly qualified people is in charge of Min. Farrakhan to govern the affairs of the Nation of Islam based on the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

“Everyone you heard from this morning on this Executive Council, I personally chose. ‘Oh you did it?’ Yes!” explained Min. Farrakhan.

“I was personally chosen by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad because in me he heard himself, he clearly heard his message pass through me. Do not add or take away, as if it were a personal fiefdom of Louis Farrakhan. I am an extension of Elijah Muhammad, whom we believe to be that Jesus that each of us fell in love with and wanted to live under Jesus, follow Jesus and be transformed into Jesus. So that each of us who follow Jesus will become saviors under his saving grace and power. For everyone you heard from this morning, thank you Eddie Reed. We have committed our lives to the Messiah, to the Mahdi, to God Himself,” Min. Farrakhan added.

Members of the Nation of Islam Executive Council who were introduced and spoke briefly included: Brother Sultan Rahman Muhammad, National Student Imam of the Nation of Islam; Sister A’ishah Muhammad, National Student Audit Coordinator; Brother Ahmed Muhammad, Student Minister of Information; Sister Aminah Bayyinah Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan’s executive administrative assistant; student minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad, author, scholar and researcher; Brother Leonard Muhammad, assistant to the Min. Farrakhan and former chief of staff; Advocate Abdul Arif Muhammad, NOI General Counsel;

Attorney Ava Muhammad, national spokesperson for Min. Farrakhan and the NOI; Brother Abdul Ra’uf Muhammad, Chief Protocol Student; Sister Naeemah Muhammad, Student National Captain MGT & GCC who oversees the training and development of women and girls; Brother Sa’ad Alim Muhammad, Student National Secretary, and Brother Ishmael Muhammad, Student National Assistant to the Min. Farrakhan. The biography of brother Mustapha Farrakhan, student supreme captain who oversees the training and development of men and boys, was read as he was unable to participate in the program.

Min. Farrakhan, who turned 89 on May 11, also shared tips, warnings and insights on a variety of topics during the show and answered some questions from callers from the WVON listening audience.

Stay tuned for additional coverage in an upcoming edition of The Final Call.


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