To Propose Terms of Reference for SIT: Goa Justice Minister Nilesh Cabral | Goa News

PANAJI: Minister of Justice Nilesh Cabral said on Friday that he would suggest terms of reference for the SIT survey land grabbing case, so that the investigation leads to legal implications, condemnation and restitution of land.
He said that once a case is charged, the government would follow the procedure to return the land to its original owner. “I’m ready to do it,” he said.

On June 15, the state constituted the SIT, but has not yet published its terms of reference. Under secretary (house) Girish Sawantin its order establishing the SIT, indicated that the terms of reference would be issued separately.
Cabral said the services of officials involved in the land grab would be terminated. “If our staff is involved, we will see that they are suspended or terminated from service as per the report submitted by SIT,” he said.
Cabral said the land “cannot be returned (just) like this”, and that the government would follow a process.
The minister also said that the deputy clerks’ offices have started receiving complaints about falsified documents.
“I wrote to the chief minister to form the SIT and he did so immediately,” he said. “We have our department officials on SIT, and all required documents will be shared with him,” he said.
The Minister of Justice said that some officials abused loopholes in the law, people face harassment.
Sawant said Thursday that the SIT had accelerated investigations. “There are anonymous properties whose owners are in foreign countries or whose owners do not exist, and these properties have been sold or seized illegally,” he said. “That will not be allowed. These properties will belong to the state government.


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