Tripura Justice Minister Ratan Lal Nath accuses of shielding rapist


Agartala, Sep 27 (UNI) A day after raising allegations in the state assembly against Justice Minister Ratan Lal Nath of threatening a rape victim not to turn himself in to police, Congress lawmaker Sudip Roybarman demanded action from the chief minister and the BJP party on Tuesday.

“I gave detailed accounts of the incident and the involvement of the Minister of Justice to protect the rapist who happened to be a senior leader of the BJP and chairman of the Gomati Co-operative Milk Union on the prosecution of the assembly in the presence of the chief minister and all the members, which was recorded in the acts of the assembly. Now it is the turn of the CM and the BJP party to decide how to proceed,” Roybarman said.

He warned that the case would not stay here if the Chief Minister did not take action against Nath – the Minister for Law and Education, the case would be referred to the highest level of the party and to the Prime Minister moreover, involving him in the Court of Justice.

Roybarman alleged at the assembly that a deserted woman knocked on the door of Lefunga police station in the justice minister’s constituency a few days ago with a rape complaint against BJP leader Samir Das and his nephew Kashiram Das.

But the police refused to accept the complaint, as the justice minister had ordered them not to register the complaint, instead advising the victim to meet with the minister to settle the dispute.

Nath later called the victim and warned her not to go to the police or disclose the incident to anyone or else her family will lose their current job, her son will be kicked out of the hostel and their life will be terrible in the future. , Roybarman told the assembly, posting a video of the victim, which she had made on Monday before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court.

According to the rape victim’s statement, she worked in the house of the accused Samir Das. Sometime in December last year, she was raped by Das, witnessed by her nephew Kashiram.

Afterwards, Kashiram started blackmailing the lady and raped her several times in the house.

“When I went to the police station, I was asked to come later, and since the night I have received warning calls from different numbers. Finally, Justice Minister Ratan Lal Nath advised me not to do police and justice but rather to be a mother with an eye to the future. When I protested, he threatened me with dire consequences,” the victim said in the video.

However, Ratan Lal Nath denied the charges and said he was unaware of any such incident and added, “Roybarman was slandering me in the house for his vendetta. If the lady changes courts, hopefully the investigation will reveal the truth and the agenda behind it. But I am upset with Sudip Roybarman’s conduct in the assembly. Without knowing the details based on a video, how can a responsible MP accuse a minister of such serious charges.



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